Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ticket?! WHAT?!

February 2006

I got my first ticket today!!!! *tear*

So, I was driving to my friend, Cate's, house (for a study group that wasn't even necessary for me to go to!) and I wasn't paying attention to my speed. And I see this popo (Texas slang for police) sittin' on the inside of a curve. So I thought "crap!" and I looked down at my speedometer and thought "shit!". Because, I was doing about 60 in a 45. I was about to put my foot on the brake to slow down before I passed the cop, but then my Dad's voice popped into head saying, "Don't brake when passing a cop, because then he'll know you were speeding." (how lame is that?) So, what did I do? I didn't brake! I merely let my foot off the gas, which only got me down to about 55 when I got closer to the guy. So, before I even pass the cop, he had his lights on! I was like "OH NO!!! NOOOOO! NOT ME!!!" But he pulled up right behind me and so I put on my blinker and pulled over.

Then, I turned my music off, got my purse ready, and rolled down my window, because that's what they do in the movies and TV shows, so it must be right, right? Anyway, so after what seemed like forever, the guy finally got out of his car and came up and shined his little flashlight down at me (it was at dusk) and said (as if he were reading a piece of paper) "I'm Mr. Deputy So-and-So here to bust you, blah blah blah, mah radar detected that you were going 56 in a 45 speed zone, blah blah blah lemme see your license and proof of insurance."

So, I gave him my license and luckily I had just put my insurance card in my purse a couple days earlier so I actually had it. He looked at my insurance, gave it back, said he was gonna give me a citation (fancy legal term for ticket, dunno why they don't just say ticket) then walked back to his car to enter it in the computer and whatnot. So, I got to sit in my car, anxiously waiting.

I swear, I must have been in shock, because I had always said the first time I got a ticket, I probably would start crying but I all could do was think, "Hah, hah, my heart! It's beating so fast! Hah, hah! This is so weird! Hah, hah! So exciting! Hah, hah! I got pulled over! Oh, god! Wait! I got pulled over? WHAT?!..... Hah, hah!"

Finally, after another excruciatingly long period of time, the popo came back with my little ticket. He said was it was, told me I had to go to court before this date so I could plead guilty and then told me to sign the paper. I did and he gave me a copy and another slip of paper and then told me to "Drive safe" to which I automatically responded, "Okay, thank you!" all peppy-like, of course.

Then as I was driving off, still in shock, I thought, "Why the hell did I said thanks? I practically thanked him for giving me a ticket!" and I continued my nervous chuckling until I got to the next light and looked at the other slip of paper. It turned out to be a list of the prices of tickets at various speeds over the speed limit and whatnot. Which was when it finally hit home that I had gotten a ticket, so then I started crying. A really inopportune time to start crying really, I mean, if I had only started crying earlier, I might have gotten away with only a warning!

So, now I have to go to court. Although I plan on doing the driving course thing so the ticket doesn't get put on my record. But still! This has been a scarring experience for me! And I have to go to court!!!!!

So, on that note...the moral of the story is....



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